Courage to Leave

A personal story of domestic violence

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Photographer: Alexandru Zdrobău, Upsplash

Some people want to know why women protect those that physically, mentally and/or psychological abuse them.

I will tell you why and I realize this is the short version:

It is because they don’t quite believe in themselves.

This is the core of shame. They haven’t had a foundation of trust with most people and there’s a fractured line of violent trauma in their lives. So, they don’t fully understand they can say ‘no’ and walk away from any f’n situation that hurts them.

It takes a long time to believe in one’s self. It takes so much courage.

The shaking kind. The crying kind. The kind of courage that rises above all the deafening voices of self-doubts and questions and feeling wrong.

And yet, when we come to that place, when we begin to trust our gut — we can and do let go.

We will not let anyone abuse us — even those we love.

Dreamer. Poet. HSP. Empath. Licensed MH Therapist. 3 books published. 3X Top Writer. Love espressos & my chunky cat.

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