Creativity Needs Silence Too

The longevity of creation depends on our creativity and visions.

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There will be days, sometimes weeks or months that something feels off. The center inside of us is wobbly or stuck. Our axis is skewed. Much of life is rotating clockwise but for some reason we might be going counterclockwise. We are having a personal retrograde feel. That is, we are visiting the past constellations and having combustions especially when we get caught in those nasty inner critical monster waves that want to drown us.

Nonetheless this process might be readying us for a new adventure or letting go of something that hangs on like those wind-faded autumn leaves still seen in spring. Maybe it’s got something to do with this approaching new moon.

We’ve visited this sepia reel before and now it’s time to walk down a different path even if fear might take hold; it’s a bit like gridlock. We might just need to wait it out and be extra quiet to regroup and assimilate the pieces pouring in to find their spot in a geometric destiny of our very own and yet connected to a field like trees touching the rivers of branches and roots.

Photo by Luke Leung on Unsplash

The soul print of our being is like a hologram that is pliable and strong and carries with us our dreams to keep us navigating where our heart needs us to go.

Each of our voices and gifts are needed.

At times though, we might also need to reach out to a friend, a loved one, Nature, or a professional counselor to be extra supported during this time so the processes we are untangling is respectfully seen, supported and held.

The longevity of creation depends on our creativity and visions.

What I have learned over the years, is to no longer push myself too hard and to listen when I’m inside this space. I ask myself, what signs and symbols, body aches and dreams, Nature and her eyes are helping me to see?

I notice how the chartreuse deciduous leaves can punctuate my thoughts and guides and shows me this moment is a rebirthing, recalibrating and rearranging.

I listen and stay more still to the orchestra before me. My introverted-ness is part of the key to see there’s always some form of energy happening even in her slowness and silences.

That’s super comforting to me.

These “off periods” are the static waves leading us to the channels within our heart’s story and returning us to our soul’s home. Each of us are graduating with life’s experiences accumulated and expanding and changing in the cells of our being. How and when and what we transpose that into is truly a miracle.

And, I respect this essence as it brushes my skin like the softest winds, a paradoxical reminder: you are alone but not.

Quietness is a necessary part in the fluidity of our deepest, convoluted dreaming; with nearly any homeostasis there will also be the variables of change, the influx of ups and downs, the radical spectrum of colors and sensation and the lineage of how our uniqueness is revealed.

What snares us also shows us the shadows we might not know very well but they need this “off” space to grow.

And with that last thought, this one sweet bush is calling me, and I must go and listen to her wisdom.

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

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