The Truth is in The Mirror

How Poetry Brought Me Home

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Over this past weekend I took a break which led to a quiet that was too quiet, and I needed to step out of my darker thoughts and feels which gratefully took me to a local café where I ordered up something cozy, warm and friendly.

With a latte holding my hand, I ventured to another local store and discovered the busyness was bordering frantic. To the point where I wondered, probably aloud, if I had missed another holiday’s sale season.

And yet, in that frenzy, I caught a glimpse of me in small mirror and it was the beginning feels of a poem about to be birthed and returning me to my soul’s home. A day later, here’s what transpired.

The Truth is in the Mirror

Truth is, that woman you saw
in a surprised blink of understanding,
who quickly traced the wrinkles
as they wandered
over temple and weary
with glasses tucked
behind sparks of aged hair….

Just knew how to lift the edges
around the corners of
your soul’s eyes
letting tears feel
right there
in a store
between socks and hats
and perfume.

Truth is, that woman you saw
reflected in a mirror
under loud florescent lights
shyly smiled back
“I love you.”

Poems are frugal in their verbiage which gives you a taste of love, the sound of snow, the footprints of a bird, the eyes into aging, the love of self, and the comforts of your soul’s home.

Carolyn Riker is a poet and author. Her third book of poetry, “My Dear, Love Hasn’t Forgotten You” is now available. You can follow her on Facebook at Carolyn Riker, MA, LMHC or Instagram.

Dreamer. Poet. HSP. Empath. Licensed MH Therapist. 3 books published. 3X Top Writer. Love espressos & my chunky cat.

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