When We are Safe Enough

Poems become a part of our story

Photo by Remi Antunes on Unsplash

Shy me a river
of golden leaves
that help express
the words
written on my tongue
now exposed to the air.

The ink still wet
as the nib rides inside
the unhidden stories.
They peer through
to see
this world is safe enough
to share the villages of
scored by
violent means.

That of a child
whose terror understood
the language of footsteps
and the turn of a key.

Plant me not
in an ordinary garden
but let the sea rush
with spirit’s way;
where the feel of jazz
tastes equality
where words are born
like love is raised
and music knows
the soul’s sorcery
is a circle with
life and its graves.

Carolyn Riker is a poet and author. She has two books of poetry: Blue Clouds and This is Love. Her third book of poetry, “My Dear, Love Hasn’t Forgotten You” will be available in December 2019. You can follow her on Facebook at Carolyn Riker, MA, LMHC or Instagram.

Dreamer. Poet. HSP. Empath. Licensed MH Therapist. 3 books published. 3X Top Writer. Love espressos & my chunky cat. www.carolynriker.com

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