White Patriarchy Is Destroying Us

History is known for marginalization and it needs to stop

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I had a dream: A hippie looking man with long brown tangled hair, wild clothes, and barefoot was playing a wooden flute so beautifully. Our eyes connected in a crowd of thousands. He continued to play a mystical tune all the while walking towards me. I started to see shapes and mazes and patterns inside the music, people, and surroundings. When he approached me, he spoke softly and said, “You know this already. You see what is not there. Believe it.”

Dreams are like that. A knock on the door of our subconscious gifting us a message. We can take that message and lift it up, turn around its 3-D wisdom and see the particles of transfusion ignite, melt, sing holy, and hum us a refreshed tune.

I have to say, the past few days I’ve been stymied and in a holding place about the politically madness that continues to happen in the USA. What I see is white patriarchy — it is all too alive and well.

History keeps writing and forgetting Herstories, the Black & Brown stories, the Jewish stories, the LGBQTI stories, and stereotyping ethnic groups to plagiarize their soul and relegate white people as superior.

I call bullshit on white’s being superior. They aren’t.

As a white female I know without a doubt I’m not superior. I hurt and I see why I cry very real tears.

The destruction from floods, children being gun down in our schools and nothing being done to protect them; the repercussion of those deaths has led to more external suicides. The Catholic church’s hiding the priests who rape and sexually abuse children.

Our own president of the USA is right now gloating, smirking, and demanding a ‘witch hunt’ after being allegedly exonerated by Mueller’s report finding’s summarized by Barr.

Here we are with yet another round of three old white males running the show. It’s a power out of control because the awareness of power/rank is critical.

The divide I see between both republicans and democrats is so vast, harsh, condemning, mudslinging, corrupt — and pretty much run by white males — sickens me. It’s a zoo gone rogue.

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Photo by André Sanano on Unsplash

The rest of us are inside the cages and following the mazes the best we can. And yet, we are also fed up, depleted, and angry. Some have gone into a tunnel of disconnect and pretend what is real isn’t happening. They vote from fear of losing their white status.

Although, what we are seeing is very real. The tyranny is devastating. The corruption is embedded in granite. The lies are biting each other. The vindictiveness is viral.

And so, when I sink down this low it’s because I need to. I need to watch the pieces, the feels, the angst and listen and then write. The distribution of power and control is exceedingly out of control.

What I believe will change us is less bashing and more hope and love with each other. The connections we make, the bridges we cross, the dialogues we have, the ability to stop, think, listen way, way, way below the chaos — to just feel the pulse of humanity. The cries way out there — in the lonely dark — are also inside of each of us.

No one can ever take away the specialness, giftedness, intelligence that only you have to offer.

The multiplicity of your ethnicity, experiences and wisdom is needed. Use it. Share it. Please, let’s support each other.

Dreamer. Poet. HSP. Empath. Licensed MH Therapist. 3 books published. 3X Top Writer. Love espressos & my chunky cat. www.carolynriker.com

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